Planning valet services for a successful wedding

Our advice for a successful wedding planning

If you’re a wedding planner, you’re already aware that there are many things to think about to plan a wedding that will live up to your clients’ expectations. From the reception hall to the officiant, including the meal, the accommodations, the dress and the photographer, nothing should be left to chance, so that the day is memorable for the bride and groom. But have you thought of everything? Here’s a little to-do list for a successful wedding, which will come in handy if you’re planning a wedding—or planning your own!

The budget

The very first thing to check on your wedding planning checklist is definitely the budget. By determining the type of reception and the providers, the amount available to the future newlyweds allows you to draw up a precise budget for each expense item.

Date and location

Finding the location of the ceremony and reception can be a real headache depending on the bride and groom’s tastes, the expected wedding season or the capacity of the venue.

Finally, the availability of the reception hall can also have an impact on the wedding date; if a couple is very adamant about celebrating their wedding at a specific location which is only available two weeks before or after their wedding date, they may want to move their wedding celebration.


The choice of caterer is not only an important expense item, but also a central aspect of a wedding. If the meal leaves something to be desired, chances are that many guests will have a bad memory of the wedding, not to mention the disappointment for the bride and groom! The caterer can either be the bride and groom’s choice, or it can be imposed by the venue; whichever option is chosen, make sure you find a caterer that meets your expectations in terms of menu choices, alternative dishes in case of allergies or religious restrictions, table service or buffet service, for example. And can the caterer take care of the cake or the cake set-up? If that’s not the case, you will also have to order the dessert from a pastry shop!
Wedding candy bar Delicious creamy desserts with fruits, panna cotta, cakes and cookies

Stationery, Decorations, Flowers

In wedding planning, you should not neglect the choice of stationery and the sending of invitations (by mail or e-mail), the writing of vows by the future bride and groom, the decoration of the hall (and especially what is allowed or not!) as well as the florist for bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, the centerpieces and the church, in short, wherever you want to put flowers!

Photos on top of that?

A wedding photographer might be indispensable for some couples while for others, it’s a questionable expense. It’s possible to get beautiful photos of the bride and guests by trusting the guests, who can capture nice moments on the spot!

a young couple with grandmother on a wedding posing

The same goes for the music: some couples may prefer to make a music playlist themselves and ask a friend to take care of the music or hire a professional DJ.

Other things to remember

Hairdressing, make-up, wedding rings, wedding clothes for the bride and groom as well as guest gifts are other points of paramount importance when planning a wedding. Once you have dealt with all of the above, you will have a complete picture of what to remember for a wedding!

But are you sure you’ve thought of everything? One point is often overlooked by wedding planners.

Valet Service?

Of course, the bride and groom will probably want a special car for their wedding to make the event special. Not having to park the car to get to the reception is a real luxury! But why not offer this service to all the guests? In fact, a valet service can be very practical and will certainly be appreciated by the guests; after all, it’s not every day that you can enjoy a valet service, right? Guests arrive at the reception area and their vehicle is picked up by a valet; it’s as simple as that!

VIP valet pointing in one direction to steer

VIP Valet, a company located in the Greater Montreal area and serving all of Quebec and even the Ottawa/Gatineau region, on the border with Ontario, can take care of parking management for all types of events, including weddings. Our many years of experience in valet parking allows us to offer you a personalized service that will exceed your expectations. This service is most convenient, especially if there is no parking close to the reception area, as is sometimes the case downtown, or in an area where parking can be quite far from the main door. Guests will no doubt talk for a long time about the valet parking service that has been offered to them!

To find out more about our servicesand be a great wedding planner!contact VIP Valet as soon as today and make your clients’ wedding an event they won’t soon forget!