About VIP Valet


Our employees know how to manage parking and valeting for big events.


Concentration is key when dealing with hundreds of people and cars.


Leaving your car in someone else’s hands can be stressful. We are very serious about taking care of it.

VIP Valet

VIP Valet has been offering a luxury valet parking service for over 20 years in the Greater Montreal area, on the North Shore, the South Shore, in the Gatineau region and elsewhere in Quebec.

As Montreal’s leading provider of parking solutions with valet service, VIP Valet offers its services not only to commercial clients, but also to individual customers.

Whether for a conference, an office party or any other event requiring valet service, you can rely on our team of professionals to listen to your needs.

Why choose our service?

We are in constant communication with municipalities and police services in order to anticipate possible detours related to events or construction work, and to offer you an unparalleled service.

Indeed, once you have booked our services, a team will visit the site of the event to study the configuration and take into account the actual or eventual constraints; a game plan will then be established so that we can offer you a service that meets your expectations, without setbacks.

Doing business with VIP Valet also means counting on a top-of-the-line company made up of courteous and professional employees.

With an emphasis on the human aspect and continuous training, our staff applies very strict service and security standards to provide you with exceptional service.

All of our employees have a stylish and simple uniform; however, you can personalize it with your own logo or provide your own uniform or even an accessory in the colors of your event, making our employees easily recognizable and in keeping with the theme of your event.

What sets us apart from other valet services is the care we bring to the small details.

For example, our staff will remove snow from your vehicle during snowfalls and can even pick up things you may have forgotten in your vehicle, so that you don’t have to leave. We even have umbrellas to walk you to your vehicle on rainy days!

The advantages of choosing VIP Valet

We make it a point of honor to offer you a service that is as personalized as possible.

That’s why we meet with you in person to get to know you better and better understand your needs.

In addition, the signing of the contract is always done face to face, after it has been reviewed and approved by both parties.

When you are ready to pick up your vehicle, simply text us and one of our valets will bring it back to you.

What’s more, valet parking can be a great solution in case there is a lack of public parking, so your guests won’t have to waste time driving around in circles looking for a free parking spot.

It’s also a safe solution for your elderly guests or participants, who won’t have to walk for long distances to retrieve their vehicle.

Finally, it must be said, using a valet service will provide a memorable experience for your guests!

We can meet your needs for all types of events:

Car dealerships, funeral homes, restaurants, hotels… many businesses have been using our services, why not you? Contact us today for a quote!

You deserve the best

20+ years of experience in parking management