Valet service for fundraisers

Fundraising committees often have limited budgets but rarely think of securing a sponsor(s) for valet parking.

Valet sponsorship can be a coveted spot, as it is the first and last image guests see.

Make the most out of your fundraiser by allowing VIP Valet to assist with this task.

Incorporating a premium parking service into your budgeting plan will allow your fundraising function to run even more smoothly.

Ensuring timeliness and fluidity upon the arrival and departure of your guests is an exceptional way to have your event stand out.

VIP Valet guarantees qualified professionals looking over your guests and their vehicles at all times.

Always prepared to accommodate guests in any unforeseen situation and having enough attendants on site to alleviate wait times is guaranteed to enhance the event and its continued success.

Providing your guests with a valet service is a notable way to show appreciation for their generous donations and contributions.

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