Full Time Valet Services

Day and night valet services

VIP Valet and its experienced team offer an unparalleled service to its clients, to provide the most convenient full-time parking solutions available.

With current clients in the food and beverage sector, hospitality industry and private residences, VIP Valet prides itself in maintaining customer loyalty. Building long-lasting relationships with each individual client is a pillar in the company’s mission.

From controlling incoming and outgoing traffic, greeting customers upon arrival and helping with handbags, luggage, and groceries, VIP Valet staff are there to ensure quality standards and assist your guests in any way possible.

Implementing a full-time valet service into your business is simply another way to provide your guests with an excellent experience. Consider a permanent valet service as a way to assure increased operational efficiency while ensuring safety to your guests. 

Additional full-time valet service benefits include:

  • Bilingual parking attendants
  • Door service
  • Maintaining cleanliness and safety of public work areas
  • Helping guests with reduced mobility at all times
  • General directional knowledge of surrounding areas


For full time valet services, please reach out to a member of our sales team.

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