Hotel Valet

December 24, 2018

About the Job

VIP Valet is looking for a person with experience as a doorman (bellhop)/valet.

If you are looking for a well paid full-time job, don’t look further. Start your next journey with VIP Valet!As a full-time employee at VIP Valet, you will be providing valet service for clients at an upscale lakefront hotel situated on the west side of Montreal.  You will be responsible for greeting clients at their arrival, parking their cars, and retrieving them at their departure, as well as helping the bellhop with opening doors/ luggage.
A Five Star Hotel also provides a Five Star service for their employees, including Daily buffet-style meals, and a well above minimum pay plus tips, with opportunities for a raise.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Speed – Customers do not want to wait. Drivers must be able to retrieve the client’s vehicle quickly and continue the flow.
  • Hand-eye Coordination – Drivers must always be attentive and responsible while driving the client’s vehicles.
  • Customer Service – Valets need to be courteous to customers and responsive to their needs. Good customer service is rewarded with good tips.
  • Stamina – Valets spend most of their time on their feet, running back and forth to cars.
  • Must have experience as a doorman (bellhop).
  • Must have experience as a valet.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and be in good standing at the SAAQ.
  • Must have 24 months+ of driving experience.
  • Must know how to drive automatic and manual transmission.
  • Must have excellent customer service skills and be a people person.
  • Required Education – High school or equivalent.


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